The 5 Things You DON’T Need To Be Successful In Sami Direct!!!

There are several things necessary for success in Sami Direct. But points of greater interest are some of the things / characteristics many people think they need to be successful in the Sami Direct business — but actually they do not need them for success in this business.

Here are five such things / characteristics:



Thousands of people have been successful in Sami Direct without the benefit of college degrees. Some of our top leaders in this industry did not even finish high school! Since Sami Direct is so unlike traditional business, the rules are different here. It’s quite possible, actually quite common, to build a large successful organization without having any big educational credentials or degrees.

If you have a degree, or even a few great! Just know that this is not a requirement for success in Sami Direct.


You do not have to have any experience, either in Network Marketing or in any other profession / occupation, to reach success in Sami Direct. In fact, the secret of success in Sami Direct is to shed all pre-conceived notions and just learn and follow our simple system to be successful.

Your sponsorship line has already “hacked through the jungle” and created a path for you to follow. They have learned the best practices for business building, and discovered the mistakes that should be avoided. By using the experience of those who came before you, you are able to reach success much faster. We have put a step-by-step system in place, developed the infrastructure to support the system, and created a training program on how to get the best results from both system and support.

We already have people who have reached the prestigious ranks of Diamond, and above even though they came into Sami Direct with no experience. If you are teachable and willing to follow the system, you can
achieve success in Sami Direct.


One of the sad truths of life is that not everyone is ready for success. Of course mostly everyone will tell you that they want to be successful. But unfortunately some people are content to be “Professional victims” and make excuses why success will not come their way.

Don’t be surprised to find that some of your friends and family members will not join the business, and may even discourage you for doing so. It’s unfortunate, but some people feel the need to attack those who are striving for more out of life. After all, if you reach success, it takes away their excuses for why it will not work for them.

They will regale you with horror stories of people (including themselves) who tried some business and failed, and give you all kinds of reasons why Sami Direct will not work for you. It is best to give these “well-meaning” souls a smile, thank them for their input. Be strong in your own self resolve, and stay focused on what is right for you.

Always remember that People who achieve something in life never follow the example of the guys who failed. Successful people take inspiration from other successful people – and successful people are aplenty in Sami Drect.

Sometimes, the hardest presentation you ever give might be to a family member or best friend. Sometimes, you just cannot be a prophet in your own home town. (This is why you will learn how to use third party tools later). At other times, you will find close friends or families with three generations in the business and it provides a wonderful opportunity to work together toward success. You do not need the approval of anyone, except yourself. Sometimes even your spouse or significant other may not approve of your Sami Direct business. This is actually a frequent initial response, but we’ve seen thousands of people who have built huge businesses without the help of their spouse / other family members. However, do not be surprised once you qualify for a/few free trip, and other Sami Direct Leadership Ranks, most of your friends and relatives will come on board enthusiastically and things really take off!


Often a new team member will get involved with Sami Direct and receive well-meaning advice from friends who have never built a network in their lives. If you want to know how to fly airplanes, you must get advice
from an expert pilot. If you want to climb Mt. Everest, talk to someone who has already done it.

Likewise, if you want to build a Sami Direct business, look at your sponsorship line and find someone who has already accomplished this. Those are the people to seek out for advice.

Never take financial advice from broke people!


Do not make the mistake many beginners make, that is to think that they cannot do anything until they have tried every single service, read every scrap of literature, and memorized every aspect of the unique double bonus marketing compensation plan. Our system is set up so that you can study, act, and teach simultaneously. You earn as you learn, and you learn as you teach. It’s a powerful way to build a strong team rapidly.

The most important thing is to get into action, because how fast you start is going to determine the speed of your team.

Keep The Faith!

Ankur Bakhshi


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