Prospecting 101: Talking to Anyone

Prospecting and networking may not be natural to you but it’s not something you can’t learn to do!

The worst feeling in the world, though, is walking into a room, realising you know no one, and then trying to figure out where to start.

Fortunately, I have good news for those who are a bit shy. Building rapport with new people is a skill.

So what can you do to build rapport? Try these approaches:  that can be learned. Your conversations with new people and strangers don’t have to be strained and jilted. Besides, if you can build up a personal rapport first you’ll have an easier time discussing business later on.

  • Dress to impress. The first thing a person will notice about is is the way you look. As a matter of fact, they’ll look at your appearance before they even greet you. Make sure your hair is done, your clothes are clean, and that you are dressed in a style similar to what your customer wears daily.
  • Be disarmingly honest. What I mean is that you shouldn’t answer the standard greeting questions with the same old “Fine – how are you?” responses all the time. Occasionally you should be honest when answering this type of question. Laugh the question off and tell them about the rough start you had that morning or relay a funny story about your children. Your answer, while honest, will be completely unexpected.
  • Incorporate a sincere complement into your conversation. The next time you meet with a customer, prospect, or peer pay special attention to him and his business. Let him know if you see something that really makes a positive impression. He’ll appreciate the compliment and it will open up doors for continued conversation.

These are just three simple tips for establishing rapport but you can see from these how easy it really is to strike up a conversation with someone you know very little about.

Try to make a connection on a personal level and the rest of your prospecting experience will go much smoother.

Keep The Faith!