The 5 Things You DO Need To Be Successful In Sami Direct!!!

Now that we’ve talked about what you don’t need to be successful with Sami Direct, let’s explore what is required to reach the higher levels of accomplishment and rewards in the business:



To effectively build your business, you will need at least ten hours a week to work the business. With Sami Direct launching in so many markets, you may want to consider stretching closer to 15 hours in a week. This is the one chance you will ever have in this early stage, so you want to make the most of it.

We don’t recommend you quit your studies, job or business to start with Sami Direct. Rather we suggest you keep doing what you are doing, but carve out 10 to 15 hours a week and begin working part-time. It means making a short-term sacrifice of some activities like skipping some TV, movies, newspaper or other things for a while. The time saved from such non-productive activities should be utilized for developing your Sami Direct business. Teach your group to do the same thing for success.

Now notice we used the term “work.” For you to have success with Sami Direct, you must be willing to work. And we’ve found that working at least 10 to 15 hours a week is necessary to get enough power to launch your


You should be clear about the reason “Why” you want to do Sami Direct business. It could be:

  1. Better Home
  2. A New Luxury Car
  3. Firing Your Boss
  4. Secured Financial Future
  5. Better Education For Your Children
  6. To Run A Worthwhile Charity
  7. Going On A World Tour
  8. More Time For Yourself And Your Family
  9. Getting Out Of Debt
  10. Better Lifestyle
  11. Helping People

Or something like this!

Find out your “Why”. Stronger your “Why”, more successful you will be.

Your “Why” will create a burning desire in you to work for the achievements of your dreams. Be passionate about your “Why” and live with it every second. It will keep you excited and focused to fulfill your dreams.


A common quality which all the successful people in Sami Direct have is their attitude – a Positive Attitude to be accurate. Getting your head right is the most important thing you will do early on in your Sami Direct business. Sparing 15 to 30 minutes daily for self-development will keep you on the right track. Enthusiasm and a positive attitude are more powerful than any knowledge you learn or any skills you develop.

There is a lot of skepticism and negativity in the world today. You’ll find no shortage of people who will tell you why this Sami Direct business will not work. Do not allow yourself to be misguided by these prophets of doom. Never ever let the failure of someone who has given up on his dreams cloud your chance to achieve your own. These self-proclaimed experts are the “dream stealers”. They are flops in life and live life of quiet desperation. Ignore such people to begin and continue a successful journey with Sami Direct.
Often brand new team members with no training or experience build a group of 20 or 30 people in their first month. They do not do this with skill, knowledge, or technique—they just muscle it through with sheer, unadulterated enthusiasm. They show excitement for Sami Direct and that excitement duplicates with their prospects and team members. Approach this adventure with the positive attitude it deserves. Do not just “try” it. Make your mind up, jump in, and do it whole-heartedly to change your life!


Sami Direct provides a new and unique approach to business. You will discover that the game is different here. Things that work in the sales or corporate arena do not necessarily work in Sami Direct.

Keep an open mind and listen to your sponsorship line. They have discovered what works and the best practices to follow. They also know from their experience in Sami Direct business that which activities are least productive and thus should be avoided altogether. What you will learn is a step-by-step system on how to create the largest business in the shortest period of time.
The most important criterion here is duplication. It is important that you resist the urge to create new tools and try other methods originally.
Even if you get initial success, it will be harder for your people to duplicate your methods. We all follow the same system, and it works for everyone.


The biggest time-wasting error that new people commit is “getting ready to get ready.” The next thing you know, you are sitting around imagining possible reasons why your Sami Direct business will not work. And if you convince yourself of that, that is exactly what will happen. The most successful people in Sami Direct got into action mode immediately, and began to create immediate results. This begins a powerful cycle of duplication, and continues through many levels in your organization.
You do not have to memorize the complete product line to be able to present a Sami Direct Business Briefing, or understand all the intricacies of the compensation plan to get started. We have business building tools to help you with all that. You just have to follow the simple steps in this business plan and learn as you go along.
It has often been said that knowledge is power. Unfortunately, knowledge is only the potential power. Knowledge plus action is where the real power comes from.

If you’re waiting for the perfect plan — the perfect plan is to take action. Your sponsorship line, the tools and the system will prevent you from making any serious mistakes. Follow their lead and get into action. Now let’s get started!
Remember the Formula of Success in Sami Direct:
“Having A Large Group Of People Do Simple Small Things Over A Consistent Period Of Time”
The Secret is Consistency and Persistency.

The 5 Things You DON’T Need To Be Successful In Sami Direct!!!

There are several things necessary for success in Sami Direct. But points of greater interest are some of the things / characteristics many people think they need to be successful in the Sami Direct business — but actually they do not need them for success in this business.

Here are five such things / characteristics:



Thousands of people have been successful in Sami Direct without the benefit of college degrees. Some of our top leaders in this industry did not even finish high school! Since Sami Direct is so unlike traditional business, the rules are different here. It’s quite possible, actually quite common, to build a large successful organization without having any big educational credentials or degrees.

If you have a degree, or even a few great! Just know that this is not a requirement for success in Sami Direct.


You do not have to have any experience, either in Network Marketing or in any other profession / occupation, to reach success in Sami Direct. In fact, the secret of success in Sami Direct is to shed all pre-conceived notions and just learn and follow our simple system to be successful.

Your sponsorship line has already “hacked through the jungle” and created a path for you to follow. They have learned the best practices for business building, and discovered the mistakes that should be avoided. By using the experience of those who came before you, you are able to reach success much faster. We have put a step-by-step system in place, developed the infrastructure to support the system, and created a training program on how to get the best results from both system and support.

We already have people who have reached the prestigious ranks of Diamond, and above even though they came into Sami Direct with no experience. If you are teachable and willing to follow the system, you can
achieve success in Sami Direct.


One of the sad truths of life is that not everyone is ready for success. Of course mostly everyone will tell you that they want to be successful. But unfortunately some people are content to be “Professional victims” and make excuses why success will not come their way.

Don’t be surprised to find that some of your friends and family members will not join the business, and may even discourage you for doing so. It’s unfortunate, but some people feel the need to attack those who are striving for more out of life. After all, if you reach success, it takes away their excuses for why it will not work for them.

They will regale you with horror stories of people (including themselves) who tried some business and failed, and give you all kinds of reasons why Sami Direct will not work for you. It is best to give these “well-meaning” souls a smile, thank them for their input. Be strong in your own self resolve, and stay focused on what is right for you.

Always remember that People who achieve something in life never follow the example of the guys who failed. Successful people take inspiration from other successful people – and successful people are aplenty in Sami Drect.

Sometimes, the hardest presentation you ever give might be to a family member or best friend. Sometimes, you just cannot be a prophet in your own home town. (This is why you will learn how to use third party tools later). At other times, you will find close friends or families with three generations in the business and it provides a wonderful opportunity to work together toward success. You do not need the approval of anyone, except yourself. Sometimes even your spouse or significant other may not approve of your Sami Direct business. This is actually a frequent initial response, but we’ve seen thousands of people who have built huge businesses without the help of their spouse / other family members. However, do not be surprised once you qualify for a/few free trip, and other Sami Direct Leadership Ranks, most of your friends and relatives will come on board enthusiastically and things really take off!


Often a new team member will get involved with Sami Direct and receive well-meaning advice from friends who have never built a network in their lives. If you want to know how to fly airplanes, you must get advice
from an expert pilot. If you want to climb Mt. Everest, talk to someone who has already done it.

Likewise, if you want to build a Sami Direct business, look at your sponsorship line and find someone who has already accomplished this. Those are the people to seek out for advice.

Never take financial advice from broke people!


Do not make the mistake many beginners make, that is to think that they cannot do anything until they have tried every single service, read every scrap of literature, and memorized every aspect of the unique double bonus marketing compensation plan. Our system is set up so that you can study, act, and teach simultaneously. You earn as you learn, and you learn as you teach. It’s a powerful way to build a strong team rapidly.

The most important thing is to get into action, because how fast you start is going to determine the speed of your team.

Keep The Faith!

Ankur Bakhshi

Welcome to SamiDirect RockStars!

Congratulations on making the most significant decision you have ever made in your life!

You’ve chosen one of the fastest growing business opportunities in the world today, to help you develop a significant secondary income, or even achieve complete financial freedom. Either way, you have shown yourself to be a leader, someone who isn’t happy with mediocrity and the herd or the rat race mentality, someone who knows that there is a better way to live life.

You’ve just discovered the path to that life!

Sami Direct is a new breed of Network Marketing organization, and we have already started re-writing history in this industry. Sami Direct has proven that a financially strong organization, an experienced manangement, a fresh product idea, an innovative approach to compensation, and a strong support structure offer you the chance to accomplish great things.

The Network Marketing profession has grown dramatically in the 70-plus years of its existence. Today the business is conducted in more than 100 countries around the world, with more than 60 million people participating in it. The global sales have now exceeded $200 billion annually. (Source: Direct Selling Association.) What started off as a Small Business model in 1939 is now the world’s fastest growing Industry!!

Along the way the Network Marketing industry has attracted the attention and praise of the business community and financial press, and thus truly emerging as a Free Enterprise system where people can attain real financial freedom without a large investment. And Sami Direct has emerged as one of the leading companies, helping to create this reality for those who dream of a better life.

SD RockStars is the team that will help you achieve your dreams in this amazing platform provided by Sami Direct. You will get the best of trainings on how to succeed and achieve a true Rock star life. The Regular
Updates will keep you updated on the latest news and happenings. SD RockStar uses the latest tools and techniques to create a BIG Business Empire. From time to time, release of such tools will help you
build your empire.

Remember the Formula of Success in Sami Direct: “Having A Large Group Of People Do Simple Small Things Over A Consistent Period Of Time

The Secret is Consistency and Persistency.

Keep The Faith!

Ankur Bakhshi
Global Founder – SD RockStars

“If you are born poor, that is not your mistake. BUT if you stay poor, that is your mistake”