Getting Started Tools

When a New Independent Distributor gets started, they are quite excited about the opportunity. They are looking forward to building a great business but they are confronted with a load of information from all directions. This at times results in them getting distracted and following a less effective and efficient system/method of achieving success.

Remember that the 1st 48 Hours are the most crucial for a New Independent Distributor. At this point, it is important to show them a simple step by step method which can help them get started right and prosper in the long term.

I know that the question on everyone’s mind right now would be “But what should be the steps that a new (or old) Independent Distributor should do to stay on the Yellow Brick road to success???

This exact question has left many dazed and confused. Many lives which could have changed for the better were left the same…

Well, not anymore!

Use the following tools to ensure that your New Independent Distributors get the correct start to their business.

  1. SD New Independent Distributor Checklist – Checklist of activities a new Distributor should do. Keep ticking off a step when it is finished. Download from here –
  2. 48 Hour Assignment Forms – The MOST CRITICAL exercise for a new Distributor in order to get STRARTED RIGHT. Ensure that the sponsor and a few leaders from the Line of Sponsorship (LOS) i.e. uplines are present when the 48 Hour Assignment for a new Distributor is being done. Download from here –
  3. Prospect List – Sheet to help you prepare your list of prospects. Keep the prinout handy with you at all times. Download from here –
  4. Prospect Memory Jogger – Questions to help you recall names for your Prospect List. Download from here –

These tools will help you and your teammates build the business in a simple and duplicatable manner.

Ankur Bakhshi

Have YOU heard of 5W1H?


Don’t worry it is not some code language or some weird algebraic equation!!!

5W1H represents the 6 questions that come to mind when you start in any sphere of life. They are as given under :-

  1. Why?
  2. When?
  3. What?
  4. Where?
  5. Whom?
  6. How?

The most important and initial question out of these is ‘WHY?’ Without the answer to this question, everything is futile. Even the answers to the rest 5 questions too, hold no meaning without the answer to ‘WHY?’

Even in Sami Direct, it holds true. The people who have gone ahead to find the answer to ‘WHY?’ have built a BIG business but the people who didn’t care about answering this question, didn’t last long. And why didn’t they last in the business, because they didn’t know why they were building this business in the first place!

Well you have to decide whether you want to be part of the successful few or the rest who went back to the rat race or the herd mentality.

In case you have decided to be part of the successful few, watch this amazing training below.

(In fact, this was one of the first trainings which I received, which helped me succeed in my network marketing career.)