Steps of Success

Have you ever wondered what sets the leaders apart from the rest?
Why the leaders are able to achieve and fulfill their dreams?
Why they are able to lead a RockStar lifestyle others only dream about?
Why they are able to drive the best cars and live in great houses?

Well if you want to know the difference, read on….

“If you want different results, change your approach”

This is one of the mantras which leaders follow. They are the ones who have realized that being stuck in the Rat Race will not lead them to their dream life and they took action by getting started in Sami Direct.

But they did not stop at that!

The Leaders follow some Core Steps of Success – daily activities which get them closer to success everyday. These activities are designed in such a manner that it will surely get one on the path to success.

All the Top Earners of Sami Direct eat, breathe, and sleep these Core Steps of Success daily.

Today I am sharing with you the 1st of the Core Steps of Success in the Sami Direct.

Core Step of Success #1 : Be a Product of the Product!

One of the surest ways to success is by being a Brand Ambassador of the product and the product ranges you deal in. And this is where the Rest of guys get it wrong. The Rest don’t use their product and have no clue about its benefits. They only talk about some features which they read off a slide or heard during a presentation. They also don’t have the confidence due to the same reason.

Imagine someone overweight trying to promote a weight loss product! You can picture that. Would you like to get associated with such a person in their team? Probably not.

Not only do the Leaders use all the products personally or in their families, they can speak about the good experience they had with the Nutrition or Cosmetic range. And they don’t need to memorize any script. It all flows from the heart and that is the best way to promote the products.

The leaders have the confidence to speak on any product because they have seen it work with their own eyes. Doesn’t matter if they used it or some near and dear one did.

The power of any business lies in the success of the product and the word of mouth promotion of the same. The ripple effect created because of this gets people to jump onto the bandwagon i.e. your team and helps Leaders create the RockStar lifestyle.

This is what you need to do next.

Use the product and create your own personal product testimonial and share the same ahead.

For those of you, who are yet to start using the products, do so today!
For those of you who have been using the products and seen the amazing benefits, do share your testimonials with others. We are also in the process of building a website containing Testimonials – Product and Business. And we would love to share your story with the entire world!

If you too would like the same, please send your Product and Business Testimonials in the formats given below along with your Photographs to

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We look forward to your responses and testimonials.

Getting Started Tools

When a New Independent Distributor gets started, they are quite excited about the opportunity. They are looking forward to building a great business but they are confronted with a load of information from all directions. This at times results in them getting distracted and following a less effective and efficient system/method of achieving success.

Remember that the 1st 48 Hours are the most crucial for a New Independent Distributor. At this point, it is important to show them a simple step by step method which can help them get started right and prosper in the long term.

I know that the question on everyone’s mind right now would be “But what should be the steps that a new (or old) Independent Distributor should do to stay on the Yellow Brick road to success???

This exact question has left many dazed and confused. Many lives which could have changed for the better were left the same…

Well, not anymore!

Use the following tools to ensure that your New Independent Distributors get the correct start to their business.

  1. SD New Independent Distributor Checklist – Checklist of activities a new Distributor should do. Keep ticking off a step when it is finished. Download from here –
  2. 48 Hour Assignment Forms – The MOST CRITICAL exercise for a new Distributor in order to get STRARTED RIGHT. Ensure that the sponsor and a few leaders from the Line of Sponsorship (LOS) i.e. uplines are present when the 48 Hour Assignment for a new Distributor is being done. Download from here –
  3. Prospect List – Sheet to help you prepare your list of prospects. Keep the prinout handy with you at all times. Download from here –
  4. Prospect Memory Jogger – Questions to help you recall names for your Prospect List. Download from here –

These tools will help you and your teammates build the business in a simple and duplicatable manner.

Ankur Bakhshi