Tool : Guest Registration Form

A very important aspect of sharing the Sami Direct opportunity is the Pre-Talk.

Pre-Talk is the conversation you have with a prospect before you share the Sami Direct opportunity with him/her. What you say during Pre-Talk is going to have bearing on the way the meeting will go! It can lead to a plan show or it can lead you to moving on to other prospects as you think that this particular prospect might not be a right fit at this time.

In short, Pre-Talk is about melting the ice between you and your prospect.  It is about creating a rapport with him/her by telling him about yourself and  finding out more information about them.

It is also about finding out why the prospect would get started in your business!

Now that sounds tough, doesn’t it?

For how can we know as to what is on the prospect’s mind??? What does he/she exactly want???

So it is an impossible task! Or is it?

Let me assure you that this is one of the easiest things to do in the business, finding out what your prospect wants.

And how about a tool which helps you do the same without your having to become a master of techniques like Body Language, Psychoanalysis and other long worded techniques?

A tool so easy to use that you can get to know what your prospect wants and why they should be a part of your organization and Sami Direct!

A tool so simple that even the new IRs in your team can also duplicate from day one and that too without any hassle and get instant results just like our Top Leaders!

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Guest Registration Form (GRF) – the tool which will help you do all of the above!

You can download it from the following URLs.

Guest Registration Form – 

Keep 5-10 printouts of GRF along whenever you go for a presentation. 

Start with a little conversation about yourself and ask them what they do for a living, who all are there in their family, what do they do for recreation etc. Once you have created a rapport with them, have them fill out the GRF.

Ask them to fill it out honestly! 

Once they have done the same, review the filled in GRF. Many of your prospects might have left some fields blank. Ask them to fill them in.

And then ask them if they were serious about having their dreams turn into realities in the next 2-3 years! If they say ‘Yes’, share the Sami Direct opportunity with them.

Remember the fact – “We are looking for serious people who are ready to put in sincere efforts to fulfill their dreams

Keep The Faith!

Getting Started Tools

When a New Independent Distributor gets started, they are quite excited about the opportunity. They are looking forward to building a great business but they are confronted with a load of information from all directions. This at times results in them getting distracted and following a less effective and efficient system/method of achieving success.

Remember that the 1st 48 Hours are the most crucial for a New Independent Distributor. At this point, it is important to show them a simple step by step method which can help them get started right and prosper in the long term.

I know that the question on everyone’s mind right now would be “But what should be the steps that a new (or old) Independent Distributor should do to stay on the Yellow Brick road to success???

This exact question has left many dazed and confused. Many lives which could have changed for the better were left the same…

Well, not anymore!

Use the following tools to ensure that your New Independent Distributors get the correct start to their business.

  1. SD New Independent Distributor Checklist – Checklist of activities a new Distributor should do. Keep ticking off a step when it is finished. Download from here –
  2. 48 Hour Assignment Forms – The MOST CRITICAL exercise for a new Distributor in order to get STRARTED RIGHT. Ensure that the sponsor and a few leaders from the Line of Sponsorship (LOS) i.e. uplines are present when the 48 Hour Assignment for a new Distributor is being done. Download from here –
  3. Prospect List – Sheet to help you prepare your list of prospects. Keep the prinout handy with you at all times. Download from here –
  4. Prospect Memory Jogger – Questions to help you recall names for your Prospect List. Download from here –

These tools will help you and your teammates build the business in a simple and duplicatable manner.

Ankur Bakhshi